SurgeDrive® is an innovative wave power technolology which harnesses the energy of ocean waves to produce electricity or desalinated water.

How it works

As waves pass the buoyancy units of a SurgeDrive® wave farm, they move in oscillation and the system transfers the pure wave forces out of the water, via tension transfer elements.  From there, the energy conversion module is able to use these forces to generate electricity or desalinated water, using an innovative mixture of design and 'off the shelf' components.  This dramatically simplifies the capture of wave energy because most components are above water and underwater components are minimised and simplified.  This leads to a significant reduction in capital expenditure (less expensive, corrosion resistant materials required), maintenance (hence lower electrical / desal generation costs) whilst also enabling the flexibility for the system to not only survive storms but to continue to generate during them.

Although SurgeDrive® is fully patent protected internationally, further details of the technology are only made available upon the signing of a confidentiality agreement.


The following factors are key to the success of any wave power technology and SurgeDrive® rates highly on all of them:

  • High Power Extraction: The energy absorbing buoyancy modules are in the high energy, water surface region and adjust automatically for optimal generation with changing tide and storm surge levels;
  • Low Capital & Maintenance Costs: The higher maintenance components of the SurgeDrive® system are out of the water resulting in significantly reduced capital and maintenance costs;
  • Storm Survivability: During extreme storm conditions, the SurgeDrive® control system automatically repositions the buoyancy modules to avoid storm damage and yet enable the continued generation of power;
  • Simplicity: Simple design is a key feature of the SurgeDrive® system as it uses a patented combination of established, proven technologies;
  • Scaleability: The modularity and commonality of the technology allows for economic wave farm scale-up.  The scale-up is also aided by the cubic buoyancy factor whereby when the size of the buoyancy units is trebled, the system output increases 27 fold.  Economies of scale are possible as a number of buoyancy units can tie into common hydraulic and electric components.  The output of a SurgeDrive® wave farm is actually only limited by the marine area available.