RigDrive® is a new technology which short-cuts the traditional wave energy commercialisation market path by providing rapid access to the lucrative oil and gas market.   This technology, known as RigDrive® is being developed as a retrofittable module which taps into the potential energy of an existing rig technology, transforming it from an energy consuming to an energy generating product.  The energy generating potential of RigDrive® will significantly lower rig operating costs due to the fact that the floating oil rig itself becomes the energy absorber as it moves with the passing waves, allowing mulitple MegaWatts of energy to be generated.

The technology represents the first wave energy product to tap into existing infrastructure to bring wave energy into the short term commercial market.  The current market in clean technology only really allows for the development of clean technologies which generate short-term revenue.  Wind and Solar are good examples of this. 

The technology is AquaGens key to a lucrative market; There are currently over 400 floating oil rigs in operation worldwide, each using Megawatts of electricity for month long campaigns at a time. These ships normally burn diesel for on-board electricity needs, and require assistance from supply vessels for refuelling purposes during operations - RigDrive® will transform these costs into positive revenue.


Although RigDrive® is fully patent protected internationally, further details of the technology are only made available upon the signing of a confidentiality agreement.