Control Systems

The AquaGen SurgeDrive® system is controlled with a state of the art customised, automated, computer controlled system.  Computer control modules are programmed for the unique site characteristics and control the following aspects of the system:

  1. Tide Control - This module optimises the delivery of electricity/desal with changes in sea level due to tide and storm surge.
  2. Hydraulic Control – This module controls the onboard hydraulic equipment to optimise output with changing wave energy input.
  3. Customised Site Control – This module stores the site characteristics particular to each site such as local wave energy parameters, bathymetry and customised equipment specifics.
  4. Storm Survival Control – This module continually monitors the condition and position of the buoyancy modules to detect when storm damage forces are too large.  At such times, the system is able to pull the buoyancy units under the water surface where the units are safe from damaging forces and yet continue to generate at very high energy levels.
  5. Remote Sensing and Control – This optional module allows the user to access local measurements such as wave height and period as well as the ability to control the system from a remote computer located anywhere in the world.