Lorne Pier Demonstration Unit


In November, 2010 we installed our first operational open water unit on Lorne Pier in Victoria, Australia.

This site will be used to:

  • develop the technology to allow future scale-up to large commercial scale wave farms
  • Attract further investment to commercialise the technology

Project Specifications

Project name: Lorne Pier Demonstration Trials
Objective: Trial of SurgeDrive® 1.5kW scale unit
Installed: November 2010
Location: Lorne Pier, Victoria, Australia
Capacity: 1.5 kW – sufficient to power the pier lights and ancillaries of the pier
Status: First open ocean technology trial
Client: Possibility of selling to pier owners at a later date
Structure: Energy Conversion Module (installed out of water on the pier), buoyancy unit, subsea frame and connecting tension transfer elements
Dimensions: 4 m x 1 m installed on pier
Buoyancy unit diameter: 2.2 m
Overall power rating: 1.5 kW
Estimated annual output (normal operational equivalent): 9 MWh
Nominal site wave power: 10 kW/m

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