Buden Industries

Buden Industries have been involved with the SurgeDrive® technology since its inception in late 2007, working to develop the first prototypes at their factory premises in Rowville, 20km south east of Melbourne. Their expertise in engineering and manufacturing services make them an ideal partner for development of the technology. They specialise in maintenance, fabrication and project management and have a large factory with facilities including CNC machines, welding, drilling, turning and electrical discharge machining for large engineering tasks.

Phillips Ormonde Fitzpatrick

At AquaGen, Intellectual Property is the foundation of our business and so it is imperative that it is in safe hands.  For that reason, we have teamed up with Phillips Ormonde Fitzpatrick to handle all of our IP issues from patent drafting and filing to trademark protection.  Phillips Ormonde Fitzpatrick has been at the forefront of intellectual property law and practice in Australia since its establishment as a patent attorney firm in Melbourne in 1888.  The company has a large number of highly experienced Patent Attorneys and Trade Marks Attorneys specialising in obtaining and maintaini  ng patents, trade marks and designs throughout the world.