AquaGen is a technology company specialising in solutions to deliver renewable ocean energy.  We aim to speed the transition from fossil fuel based energy to emissions free, renewable energy by implementing our patented SurgeDrive® technology to harness the massive global ocean energy resource available.

The company is currently developing the technology at its Lorne pier site in Australia in parallel with the development of future projects around the world. To enable the progression of these activities we are currently raising development capital.

To date, the AquaGen has achieved the following milestones:

  • Proof of concept, both in model testing in a world class wave flume facility and in open water testing at our development site on Lorne pier;
  • Intellectual property protection – full international PCT patent protection & 2 trademarks;
  • Federal government grant awarded – Commercialisation Australia - August 2010;
  • Research and Development of the SurgeDrive® unit on Lorne pier to optimise the design;
  • Future development of global projects and strategic alliances.

Our future strategy is to scale-up the Lorne pier demonstration unit to large scale commercial wave farms capable of producing Megawatts of electricity or GigaLitres of desalinated water.

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