John Lasich

John Lasich, Bsc, PhD
CTO, Raygen Resources

John has 30 years of practical experience in ‘mainstream’ and ‘renewable’ energy sectors. John is the founder of Solar Systems Pty Ltd which he headed as CTO for 17 years.  John’s practical experience in building a renewable energy technology company from the ground up is proving pivotal to AquaGen’s growth.

Andrew Bonwick

Andrew Bonwick, B.Science, M.Comm
Principal, Fish & Nankivell Ogilvie Watson
Andrew’s career spans 20+ years working in CEO and Non Executive Director roles in the energy utilities and generation sector for companies including Mercury Energy (NZ), Yallourn Energy, McIntosh Securities (now Merrill Lynch BOA) PA Consulting and Fish & Nankivell.  Andrew brings a wealth of energy market knowledge and vital contacts into AquaGen's network.

Rob Gell


Director, World Wind Pty Ltd

Rob Gell is well known as a television weather presenter; however his greater interest is in his work as an environmental consultant and active campaigner for our environment. He has strong ties with the scientific and conservation communities and is an active and popular spokesperson on environmental and media issues and consultant to business and the media. Rob has also worked extensively with industry and NGOs as an effective advocate to position clients in the media and with the public.  Rob is able to create bridges between government, the public, the scientific community, business and NGOs, a skill which is proving pivotal to AquaGen’s development.